for leisure and fun on boats and yachts,
for fish farms and fishing enthusiasts,
for recreational diving centers,
for commercial diving companies,
for underwater archeology.

Remotely operated vehicle
ROV RB - 50

Scope of use: 

Semi-professional ROV model to work in shallow water with little current. This model more suitable for leisure and fun, but still can be useful to reach professional targets.

The main difference from professional models - low (safe) voltage in the cable and less possibility to add additional equipment.

​No battery inside. Rov use continuously power supply from the shore or your boat.  It’s give you a main benefit to use rov for the long time. 

No special skills requires operating this model of ROV.

RB - 50 does not require special maintenance.

ROV complete with durable cable with possible length 50 meters.

Technical design and construction of ROV engines with magnetic couplings tested on professional models during the 15 years period, has a high reliability and a guarantee against leaks, unlimited resource.

Warranty on the ROV - 1 year.

The cost of the underwater ROV RB - 50:
With 50 meters of cable – 1400 EUR 

ROV RB – 50 can be purchased from a warehouse in Latvia - European Union  and delivered worldwide.